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Compare 10 Best Online Appointment Scheduling Software
Software Popularity Price Free Trial Maximum # of Users Limitations on the # of appointments / month
Price Per Year for Sample customer with 1 staff and 250 appointments per month Price Per Year for Sample customer with 5 staff and 600 appointments per month Price Per Year for Sample customer with 10 staff and 750 appointments per month Price details
Appointment Plus LogoSponsor
$399 $399 $399 Bronze:$39/mo OR $399/yr
Silver:$49/mo OR $499/yr
Gold:$79/mo OR $499/yr
YES- 15 days All- Unlimited All- 500 appts/mo
all additional
blocks of 500 appts
costs $20/ each
Visit Official Website Advantages: Sends text message reminders, offers free training and has a rooms feature that allows you to schedule more than one staff member in one room at the same time.
Disadvantages: The bronze package does not offer mobile access. So if you are interested in accessing your information and accounts on the go, you need to upgrade to the more expensive Gold package.

Genbook LogoSponsor
$239.40 $479.40 $479.40 Solo: $19.95/mo,
TimeTrade Professional:
30 day
Time Trade Workgroup:
15 day
YES- Both versions 30 days Genbook Solo: One
Genbook Standard: Unlimited
Visit Official Website Advantages: offers a Customer Database that automatically saves important information whenever someone books an
Disadvantages: There is no time increment for less than 15 minutes and each staff member can only have one appointment at a
time, this can be negative for businesses such as fitness centers etc...
ClickBook LogoSponsor
$239.40 $239.40 $239.40 Free, Clickbiz5: $19.95/mo
Clickbiz50: $54.95/mo
No- Can use free demo. Free- 1
ClickBiz5- 5
ClickBiz50- 50
Visit Official Website Advantages: All packages offer an array of features, even the free one. Although specifics vary slightly amongst them, they all offer nice values.
Disadvantages: Using and accessing your account and appointments from your phone or other mobile device is not easy or completely successful.
Appointmentquest LogoSponsor
$79.08 $551.88 $1,198.20 Express:$6.59/mo,
Classic: $14.75/mo,
Silver Pro: $45.99/mo,
Gold Pro:$99.95/mo,
Platinum Pro: $159.99/mo
YES- 30 days Express- 1
Office- 3
Silver Pro-5
Gold Pro- 10
Platinum Pro-30
Express: 300/mo
Classic: 400/mo
Office: 500/mo
Silver Pro: 650/mo
Gold Pro: 800/mo
Platinum Pro: 1,000/ mo
Visit Official Website Advantages: If you sign up for an extended relationship, you can receive savings and they also have calendars that allow
your clients to look ahead.
Disadvantages: May not clearly organize your staff and the services that they offer. This can lead to customer confusion.
TimeTrade Logo
$49 $1,245 $2,490 Professional: $49/yr; Workgroup: $249/user/year; TimeTrade
Enterprise: Contact for pricing
TimeTrade Professional:
30 day
Time Trade Workgroup:
15 day
TimeTrade Professional: One
Time Trade Workgroup: up to 5,000
* No limitations listed.
Visit Official Website Advantages: Makes it easier for customers and prospects to to connect and converse with the right people in your company. Increases customer satisfaction and time. This is a good option for solo operators, the pricing is extremely affordable.
Disadvantages: The Workgroup package is a lot more expensive with the main improvement being the number of staff members that can access the software. This can be good for the individual that needs only one member, but for businesses that only need.
TimeTrade Logo
$228 $468 $468 Single User: $19/mo.
Multi user: $39/mo
YES- 30 days Multi- User: 2-20
For more users contact company
Visit Official Website Advantages: Integration onto facebook and mobile accessibility is convenient; offers variety of great features and services.
Disadvantages: Can only show clients one week at a time. For businesses such as fitness clubs, this may make it hard for customers to know that a class is ongoing
FashAppointment Logo
$240 $360 $720 Basic:$15/mo/staff
Solo deluxe: $20/mo
Office: $60/mo
Office Pro: $125/mo
YES- 30 days Solo Deluxe:
1 staff + unlimited
Office Pro:
Max staff 100
* Packages have
limitations on number of
combinations as
opposed to number
of appointments.
Visit Official Website Advantages: Offers specific benefits created specifically for customers, staff, receptionists etc… this enables ease and efficiency and can ensure that your customers and staff are receiving optimal service.
Disadvantages: The pricing packages are tricky to navigate because the prices and packages depend upon 'combinations' and the number of staff members so when deciding which package suits your needs, pay close attention to the included features.
BookFresh Logo
$239.40 $239.40 $239.40 Free, Business: $19.95/mo
Enterprise: contact for
YES- Business- 30 days Freebie: Only 1
Business: Yes
Enterprise: Yes
Freebie: 3
Business: unlimited
Enterprise: unlimited
Visit Official Website Advantages: Mobile integration is user friendly and functionality is good. Offers a "mini site" that can be successful enough to replace your own site.
Disadvantages: Poor customer service and providing specific information to your customers can be difficult, such as areas of town that you may offer your services in. This software is not ideal for solo operators as the pricing is the same for all packages.
MindBody Logo
$540 $840 $1,080 1 staff member: $45/mo
2-5: $70/mo
6-12: $90/mo
13-20:$750 s.u.f.+$115/mo
21-50: $750 s.u.f.+ $165/mo
You can request a demo. * Check Pricing. This
software is purchased
depending upon number
of users.
*No mention of
Visit Official Website Advantages: Good customer service; provides in depth training and provides processing services. Offers a mindbody finder service through which consumers can search and book appointments through their site. Your business can be one of them.
Disadvantages: Created for pilates, yoga and other businesses that pertain to the 'mind and body' industry. Is not a great option for other businesses.
Setster Logo
$199.50 $299.50 $999.50 Personal: $19.95/mo
Business: $29.95/mo
Corporate: $99.95/mo
YES- 15 days Personal:1
Business: 5
Corporate: 20
Enterprise: 100
*No mention of limitations
number of available appts.
Visit Official Website Advantages: You can access your calendar from any computer, provides calendar syncing that allows you to sync your calendar and your sester calendar. You can also accept partial or full payment for your service.
Disadvantages: For any additional service provider or location you must pay an additional fee/month for it.
Note: The price, feature, and promotion may be changed by the job posting websites. Please visit the official websites to verify the information.
Top Online Appointment Software - Handpicked Recommendation

Another site that offers outstanding appointment software is Appointment-plus has over 9 million users worldwide, and has become a very popular choice for online scheduling. Whether your business is small or large, you’ll be able to benefit from this software.

You can sign up for a free trial of Appointment plus’ scheduling software. If you decide to purchase it, you’ll also receive a free set up coach to get the ball rolling. has a reputation for outstanding customer service. If you choose to purchase the Appointment Plus appointment software, you’ll receive help and advice from their Accurate Answers ™ support team.

Clients love to schedule their own appointments according to their individual needs. If you choose to integrate Appointment Plus into your existing website, clients will be able to do this with ease.

Enjoy less paperwork, fewer phone calls and happier customers with


If you’re looking for a great appointment software, you should consider using Genbook.

Genbook has been featured in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, USA Today and many other publications as an outstanding innovation in organization. If you want your business to become more organized, and you want to keep track of your appointments, you should turn to Genbook.

Genbook Free is great for getting started; Genbook Solo is perfect for single-staff businesses. Genbook Standard is the best choice for multi-staff businesses or organizations who will have several people updating their appointments. Although Genbook Standard costs a bit more than Genbook Solo, both packages come with a 30 day free trial.

Genbook even has an iPhone app so that you and your customers can check appointments while you’re mobile. You can start automating scheduling, saving time and growing your business with this simple software.


If you want to integrate online appointment scheduling capabilities into your website, you should check out This appointment manager is great for medical, personal care, consulting and other service businesses.

Appointment Quest’s web scheduling software comes with affordable pricing, an outstanding user interface and plenty of customizable options that will fulfill all of your scheduling requirements.

This turn-key online scheduling solution is much simpler than other software packages. You don’t have to install a CD or visit any stores to get it. Appointment Quest is available online and it can help save valuable time and money.

Visit to learn more about this outstanding appointment software. You can try their free 30 day trial to test the waters, or purchase it online! Appointment Quest will help organize and improve your business, so purchase this fine software today!

The folks over at Time Trade are self proclaimed appointment scheduling experts. In your search for reliable, simple appointment software, Time Trade can help. Time Trade makes customer driven appointment setting easier than ever, with TimeTrade Appointment CRM™.

Both individuals and organizations can easily offer online self-service appointments to prospects, customers and clients. This can help you or your company establish an excellent reputation for customer service.

TimeTrade’s software can accept appointments online, or also by call center or IVR. Their centralized reporting system can help you manage appointments more efficiently and better than ever before.

Improve your existing appointment software, or throw away those old paper calendars you’ve been using. Even walk-in businesses who have never used appointment software can easily integrate TimeTrade into their daily operations.

TimeTrade is easy to use, efficient, and will improve the way your business takes appointments. Visit today!

For easy, one-page scheduling, is the answer. Flash Appointments has been a leader in online scheduling since 2004. This scheduling software can make your office work easier by empowering clients and saving considerable man hours.

Your clients can schedule their own appointments with You can limit how far in advance they can cancel, whether or not they can cancel online, and the amount of time they must cancel in advance.

Your staff can manage their own availability and appointments, if you enable them to. Your staff can see their appointment schedules online, so they’ll be ready for each week’s work from anywhere with internet access.

Visit to see how their software works. You can take a video tour, or try one of their hands-on demos to learn more. Get Flash Appointments’ software today! can help you fill appointments online. This scheduling and appointment booking software can help you concentrate on growing your business, instead of bogging you down with paperwork and calendars. can advertise your services locally, and notify you by SMS text or email if you’d like. It can be integrated into your website very easily. BookFresh even reminds clients of their appointments so that you don’t have to. You won’t need to call to confirm, and you won’t need to pencil things in anymore.

The New York Times recently mentioned BookFresh as “an online calendar tool with a twist”, and noted its positive contributions for small businesses. Personal service businesses, medical professions, artists and many other types of people turn to for their online appointment needs.

Visit to learn more about this extensive online application software. can help you add appointment scheduling widgets to your existing website. BookNow! Widgets are simple, elegant and intuitive. Your clients will be able to schedule their own appointments with this simple, fast software – making them feel happier and more self sufficient in the booking process.

Setster has a great free plan that gives you access to most of their features. You can cancel this membership easily at any time, as well – since their “free plan will always be free”. Paid plans are able to accept payments for services online, and also keep track of clients’ appointment histories.

Setster uses an “overlay widget” to book appointments, meaning that visitors won’t have to navigate away from your website. A window pops up, prompting the client to enter their appointment information quickly and easily.

To learn more about this software, visit today!

If you’ve had a look at several online appointment software sites, and still aren’t convinced that they beat your paper system, you should check out looks like the paper-based system that you’re familiar with, and is an intuitive, easy to learn software that can improve your business.

Start saving time and saving money by using This powerful and flexible appointment software allows you to start with Daily/Weekly/Monthly views, with pop-up reminders when an appointment arises.

It is easy to install, configure and use Schedule View for single users or networked groups. Schedule View is based on MS Access backend database technology, and retains the “look and feel” of MS-Windows. First-time users will love this program, and training takes no time at all.

Visit today to learn more about this popular appointment software. provides one of the fastest ways to accept appointments online. You can set this service up in as little as 3 minutes. All that you have to do is furnish your business hours and services, and you’ll be started in no time.

TimeCenter offers automatic email and SMS text message reminders to ensure that you and your clients don’t miss appointments anymore. The software is excellent for appointment scheduling, online scheduling and event registration.

Your customer database at TimeCenter is always available and up to date. You’ll see their appointment details and history with just a few clicks. You can also view your appointment statistics, which are a neat way of keeping track of your business’ performance.

TimeCenter even allows you to synchronize your calendar (Outlook, Google Calendar or iCal) and view information from your iPhone. This convenient software makes business seem easy.

Take a free trial at!

Acuity Scheduling provides efficient, accurate online scheduling for businesses of any size. This easy-to-use online appointment software only takes minutes to install, and features a free package for single users.

If you want a multiple staff plan, you can choose from two other reasonably priced packages. The Premium package is the most comprehensive and expensive, yet costs just $19/month. With this package you can create unlimited schedules, and appointments can be made by unlimited users. This package can also securely accept credit cards or sell products in an online store. It sends reminder emails, which prompt clients to confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments easily.

You can get rid of that old scheduling book on your desk, and navigate over to right now. Try their free package, or watch the demo to learn more about this popular appointment scheduling software.

If you’re looking for FREE online appointment scheduling software, you should turn to This site offers scheduling software that can improve the efficiency of your business in many ways. If you’ve experienced difficulty with missed calls, forgotten appointments, inefficient calendars and honest human error, you should automate your appointments. You’ll save time, energy and money with

Your customers can conveniently schedule their appointments online with this software, 24/7. The appointment management system can help you streamline your entire appointment scheduling process. supports multiple staff and multiple locations. It can be synchronized with Google Calendar or Outlook, and also accepts pre-payment at the time of booking. You can embed the Appointment Scheduler into your existing website quickly and easily.

Visit right now to view their online demo. You can sign up for free and start accepting appointments in 10 minutes or less.

Many businesses use to improve their day to day work. The site has several different types of software to help your business succeed, including business management, invoice, and web appointment software.

If you want your clients to be able to set appointments online, click “Take Web Appointments” on the homepage at You can use this software to take appointments at your own terms, on your own rules.

You specify your hours of business or availability, and allows users to register appointments. An email confirmation ensures that your clients verify their appointment time, and reminds them of future appointments.

Visit to watch a demo and learn how the software works. It’s intuitive, helpful, and well…. Simple! You can streamline your appointment taking process and save time, money and energy thanks to can help you accept appointments online in just a matter of minutes. The site costs as little as $9.90 per month, and offers many desirable booking features.

An unlimited number of staff members can add or edit appointments with Clients are able to book appointments at multiple locations, and can book single or recurring appointments with ease. also provides email notifications and appointment reminders to ensure that appointments are not missed. If you want to, you can receive online payments for appointments using PayPal.

You can create your own terms and policies regarding cancellations and no-shows, and manage the software easily from any location. This software also has iPhone access, which means you can use it on-the-go.

Visit today to learn more about this turn-key online appointment software.

With, you can quickly and easily add booking to your website. You can list your services and take online booking from customers even if you don’t have your own website.

The site allows you to create your online Website that lists all of your services and pricing. Then, it helps you promote your new site with other users, so that they can see your services, availability and information.

Once your site is set up, you can easily accept online bookings and payments from your clients. If you choose to accept payments at the time of booking, you’ll significantly reduce your number of no-shows.

Put your staff’s schedules and appointments together in one place with Reduce phone calls, paper work and more with this intuitive, convenient software.

Take the free 30 day trial at to find out how this software can improve your business.

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