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Basecamp is a leading web-based project management program used by millions nationwide with sponsors such as USA Today and Adidas.

Basecamp truly caters to each and every customer, allowing you to customize the software’s features accordingly with your business’s needs. You can change the colors of the interface and upload your logo.

With its easy to use dashboard, you can view all of your clients and projects and their current activities on one screen. Basecamp is especially great for companies managing multiple projects because you can make lists and edit them at any time, as well as assign responsibilities and tasks to different employees. Upload any type of file from PDFs to images to word documents directly onto the file sharing page so you will never lose track of a document associated with your projects again. You can categorize the files by name, date or group, and add icons and descriptions with each project. Basecamp’s additional time tracking feature allows you to keep track of the hours spent on every complete project so you know exactly how time is used in your company.

Get a 30 day free trial on all accounts on Basecamp, and you can sign up for a basic plan with unlimited users for just $24 per month.

Tailored towards small and midsized companies, Wrike’s project management software allows you to manage your business easily via email and the web at any time.

This online project management software grants you and your company with up-to-date pictures of project statuses and finishes routine work for you faster than before. Wrike’s intelligent email engine creates Gantt Charts automatically from your emails and provides planning, reporting, and customization options. Whenever any member of the project team makes changes to the project, all members will be instantly updated, whether it is additional tasks, comments or files. This feature will increase communication and productivity levels at your company. Wrike’s time tracking module enables you to trace time spent on each part of the project, improving your employees’ overall effectiveness. Keep all of your information in Wrike’s central database to avoid unnecessary confusion and data duplication.

If you have further questions or comments, email or call a sales representative today.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Online is more of the most popular companies for computer based software. Their project management software will provide your company with the right tools for usability, power and flexibility so you can stay in control of the schedules and finances dedicated to each project.

With Microsoft Office Project Standard, you can set goals and expectations with project teams, and build schedules based on those. The project guide is a module that allows you to plan step by step, and assign your tasks and resources properly for maximize results. You will also be able to track and analyze data as well as receive reports on the status of all your projects. The reporting aspect of Microsoft Project is crucial because it allows you to generate professional charts and diagrams using Visual Reports engine to help you predict revenue in the future and decide on changes to improve your business. Microsoft Project also integrates with all Microsoft products such as Word and Excel to provide you with the option to make comprehensive presentations to clients and stakeholders. You can even group project data by predefined or custom fields to quickly find and edit specific information related to any project.

View suggested pricing and upgrade information on Microsoft’s website before purchase.

33 Top Small Business Project Management Software - Handpicked Recommendation

Intuit’s QuickBase provides software platform specifically designed for teams to work together to improve communication and collaboration online in project management. QuickBase has been used by more than half of the Fortune 100, with companies from every industry and of every size.

QuickBase’s web-based project management software allows all team members to access necessary information whenever and wherever while reducing errors made on projects. It streamlines data gathering, tracking and communication to decrease the workload for project managers so they can focus on producing the best work instead of filing documents. You can easily customize QuickBase according to the needs of your business by adding or removing features at will. Because you won’t need to install the application on a computer, you don’t have to waste costs on upgrades or IT support. With a world-class security system, QuickBase delivers accurate project information to team members across the globe 24/7, with reports, alerts and reminders on deadline dates and more.

QuickBase project management software is priced per user so it’s perfect for small and large organizations, and you can cancel at any time without questions asked.

Clarizen is a leading provider of online project management software, helping tools get their projects up and running instantly without having to install complicated applications.

Clarizen’s features range from budget management to team collaboration to time tracking. It is great for multiple projects with its real time team updates and easy to use calendar system. Users will be able to immediately view changes each person makes to the project plan and analyze the impact of every task. Your entire team will be motivated to take active roles in the implementation and execution of the project with built-in tools for collaboration, communication and accountability. Clarizen also integrates with Microsoft Outlook for alerts and notifications on the progress of projects. Each employee will enjoy his own “Dependency Change Impact View,” to overlook milestones and individual work items.

Request a meeting with a sales rep today to discuss additional options for Clarizen project management software.

With Project KickStart’s project management software, you can easily generate ideas and get a project ready in 30 minutes.

Project KickStart offers the standard and pro versions of its program so you can decide which product suits your level of expertise better. The standard model allows you to review the entire project plan and schedule in a Gantt chart so you can change task parameters when necessary. You will be able to export data to Microsoft Project, Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to create visual presentations to show clients. Project Kickstart can increase efficiency by keeping you on track with budget, progress and resources while monitoring milestones and activities. Project Kickstart Pro Edition includes additional features such as risk reduction, premade templates, ‘what if’ scenarios and more to increase revenue and success rate of your projects.

Download a risk-free trial today to test run Project Kickstart.

For increased productivity and collaboration benefits, Smartsheet is a software service that aims to provide a fast and easy interface for group work and business management. Clients of Smartsheet are buying into “the only collaboration solution that enables owners of information to comprehensively involve contributors without ever requiring them to login to the application.” This is a secure network that offers increased data sharing without jeopardizing sensitive corporate and personal information.

Smartsheet can help you manage a variety of material and projects such as sales, marketing, and human resources. There are many features available to ensure that your business operates smoothly and proficiently.

Visit to read more about their services and try it out for free!

The tools you need to bring your company together are available at Central Desktop. By using this source you will be able to utilize innovative technologies in order to collaborate with clients and employees in a number of ways. You will find many platforms for the management, hosting and sharing of documents as well as an easy way to set up a company intranet without the need for complex IT support. Additionally, Central Desktop also offers online meeting and conferencing services for collaboration from anywhere at any time.

Offered here are a number of packages that can be tailored to the specific needs of your company and community. By visiting their website you can take a look at their comprehensive overview of product services and varied pricing.

Go online now to to read more about their software, determine the package that is best for you, and give it a try!

Zoho Projects advertises itself as a “social” project management space. By “social” they mean that “it brings everyone in your project team together and helps them get the project done.” It offers a centralized location for hosting and sharing files, integrated group chat systems, and collaborative discussion boards. They are committed to ensuring that you have the tools to keep your company informed and in-sync.

You will have access to 25+ applications available through Zoho to help you cater their services to the specific needs of your unique business. There are a number of value packs to choose from with an unlimited addition of users and projects.

Sign up now at and test out their free project offer!

A convenient way to bring your team together is by using smart project management software from LiquidPlanner. This is a great method for supporting a stream-lined system of productivity that will require less meetings and emails and extraneous work and will instead ensure increased success! Additionally, you will see that “LiquidPlanner is the only online project management software company that can manage uncertainty” by solving problems “with ranged-estimates and statistically correct calculation for realistic schedules you can trust.”

LiquidPlanner is here to help you increase your business’s revenue as well as offer you a competitively priced package featuring extensive and essential services. If you sign up today you will be given a free 30-dy trial with an easy transition into a paid workspace if you wish to continue!

Head to to learn more about what they have to offer!

If you’re looking to centrally locate the organizational and collaborative aspects of your business 5pm offers itself as “an intuitive web based project management tool.” There is a wide-variety of advanced features that utilize the latest in innovative technologies for faster and easier management.

Additionally, you will find that 5pm is easy to integrate with other products you might already be using as well as with your email system. It does not require an infrastructure therefore you don’t need an IT department to help you maintain servers. Just open a web account and you are on your way, but, should you require assistance there is a dedicated staff available to answer your questions!

Register now at and start their free trial!

AceProjectaims to offer a management software system that is easy to use and can fit the budget of any company. They are constantly updating their extensive offerings of management features in accordance with suggestions from clients and innovations seen in various industries. Customer satisfaction is their top priority; they will therefore do what they can to ensure that you receive the most beneficial results.

Companies of any size can use the services offered by AceProject with options for customization to match needs such as application integration. Additionally you can try out a live demo to see how valuable the features are for your company.

To learn more about available features and packages, logon to!

The aim of Comindwork is to achieve significant increase in productivity for individual workers and companies at large. There are services available catered to the tasks and objectives of project managers, teams as well as clients.

Available are over 250 features that are in-tune with the intricate dynamics of management task and collaborative teams. You will find that all aspects of your enterprise can be addressed and made more productive via the innovative applications distributed by Comindwork! Basic features include project management operations such as assigning projects and schedules, the ability to create comprehensive charts, file sharing, collaboration platforms, project dashboards, and a customizable, easy to use interface.

Visit them online at to see what services your business can benefit from!

FunctionFox is the exclusive project management service for creative professionals and smaller companies, providing a simple web-based platform to help in the improvement of business. The brains behind this business are sensitive to the intricate challenges that face creative industries and have thus created a service that addresses its specific requirements.

They are dedicated to offering a positive solution to time and project management that is cognizant of the unique needs of smaller businesses. FunctionFox acknowledges that “time tracking and billing in small businesses has always been problematic. The means to tackle these activities, which are essential to ongoing profitability, have been inadequate, cumbersome, costly and overly complex for smaller companies.” FunctionFox is the culmination of dedication and research in responding to these short-comings.

Sign up now at and test out their services with a free 30-day trial!

For more productive collaboration among managers, staff and clients, considered the services offered by Teamwork Project Manager. This web-based application allows you to create and manage projects, upload and share files, manage people, integrate it easily to your current email system and much more. If you take a look at their website you can enjoy a comprehensive overview of all that they have to offer!

Additionally, it is their mission to provide services and features that are user friendly and function intuitively. Customer satisfaction and productivity is the goal! You will also find a number of plans and packages available as well as their low-cost and free basic plan options. Teamwork Project Manager is ready to serve you!

Head to to discover which features and plans are right for you.

ProWorkflow offers a quick and easy solution to tracking time and promoting productivity for small to medium-size businesses. This service allows you to effectively track time, keep records, organize, plan and assign tasks. You can collect and measure your overall performance in order to make improvements and increase revenue!

This system is entirely web-based so not only do you avoid complex servers manned by IT specialists, all of its functions can be accessed remotely! It is easy to use and comes with a variety of organizational features at competitive prices.

To learn more about the offerings and available packages, go to! Get your smaller business organized today!

For specialized services targeted towards freelancers, virtual professionals, and small businesses, consider the services of ClientSpot. It is their mission to bring together all aspects of your client and team interactions with services that include task management, file sharing and time tracking. They recognize that it has been a recent trend to move in the direction of a virtual workforce; therefore ClientSpot has harnessed innovative technologies that will help your practice with this virtual transition.

Here you will find comprehensive management packages at great values such as their basic 10 user plan that is offered for $15.00/month! Keep your small business running smoothly with the advantages that can be achieved through detailed organization and management!

Visit for an in-depth overview of their offerings!

For an intuitive platform that will help keep your projects functioning productively, take a look at the services offered by TeamWork Live. By utilizing their expertise your business can run more smoothly with increased collaboration with accountability among staff and with greater transparency for your clients. This web-based application can keep all members of your operation in-sync no matter the location or proximity.

This is a completely secure service that is simple to install and manage. You will soon see the benefits of increased organization and time-management almost immediately! The TeamWork Live staff is available to ensure that everything operates smoothly and you are feeling the effects of increased productivity!

To learn more, head now to!

HyperOffice recognizes that online project management need not be restricted to the realm of large enterprises. They are therefore committed to offering the advantages of collaboration solution to small and mid-size businesses. Those who choose to take advantage of these services do not need any knowledge in technical operations, meaning they reap the benefits in a simple and effective manner. The services and applications offered cover all aspects of your organization to increase productivity on every level.

As a customer of HyperOffice you will have access to innovations in technologies and in the industry in order to keep your business continuously running smoothly. Additionally, the needs of the customers are of topmost priority and are brought into consideration for a customized and personal solution.

For more information on the services presented here, visit!

Offering an innovative combination of time tracking and task management, Intervals is an excellent source for those looking to find a solution to foster organization and increased productivity. Their services are best suited for those running smaller businesses that might bill on an hourly or project scale. Intervals helps to centralize your operation as well as allows you to manage your input in order to bill faster and increase your revenue.

You will find that you have more freedom to do your work without feeling bogged down with management tasks. If you take your business to Intervals, you will be provided with a personalized approach to project and time management to ensure benefice.

To learn more about services and available plans, logon to!

WorkZone makes it easier for all members on your team to collaborate and get projects done swiftly and effectively. What you will find is a simplified and easy-to-use approach to both task and time management. They believe that all business ought to benefit from the advantages that collaboration tools can offer therefore WorkZone provides a product that can manage realistic business situations that is understandable for people at all levels of technical skill.

The brains behind the company have dedicated themselves to designing a platform to help all businesses succeed. One need not be waylaid by complex software or by having to hire large teams of IT experts. This is a simplistic way to increase productivity and revenue.

Check them out online at to learn more about their services!

A leading source in project management is Project Manger Online. This New Zealand based company has worked for years all over the world providing expert services in the organization of businesses online. Their primary mission is to ensure that their customers receive the utmost attention and care. After all, the customer is their greatest asset and they have made it their job to see that other businesses can flourish.

You will find here a whole host of essential features to help you manage projects and collaborate with staff in an effective and timely manner. By visiting them online, you can have a comprehensive overview of all the services and application their operation provides.

Visit for detailed descriptions of their offerings!

This project management source calls themselves Easy Projects for a reason – they offer an easy-to-use product that can be set up and set in motion in no time! Not only can this product offer help with managing projects they have also set up functions that allow you to track time, issues and requests. This is a great tool to promote effective communication and collaboration across each sector of your business.

Easy Projects also aims to offer their services at competitive pricing claiming that it “costs you less per day than your daily cup of coffee.” If you consider taking your business to Easy Projects you can see increased revenue without having to make a huge financial investment!

Go to their website at for great tips and information about setting up management services!

Serving thousands of businesses in over 50 countries, Copper Project has proved itself to be a desirable source for those seeking project management services. They have used their feedback and interactions with this wide-pool of clients to form and continuously reform their operation in order to provide the most comprehensive and efficient management solutions. They are committed to addressing the needs of their client and have developed an easy-to-use platform to help you reap the benefits of increased productivity as soon as possible.

When you visit their website, you can browse through their detailed explanations on the services they provide. This is a quick and easy way to get your business into shape!

If you are ready for the benefits of project, time, and budget management, head to to start your free trial!

Another user-friendly option in project management resources comes from This service can be hosted via the web or installed directly to your company’s servers for increased options in personalized growth. Their approach is one that aims to offer a user-centric platform that can bring your business up to present-day standards and output with an easy-to-use operation.

There are a number of features to be found with their standard service such as easy ways to upload, share and manage projects, track productivity and issues, utilize collaboration tools and more! This network can also be personalized to the number of users present, ensuring that you spend exactly what you need – no more.

Visit them online at to read more about their services and start your 30-day free trial! offers a number of easy-to-use systems for effective project planning and task management. This is an easy and cost-effective way to organize your company and employees, plan and schedule projects, track progress and productivity, and more!

Here you will find a selection of project software templates available to purchase that will address the specific function you are hoping to serve. This is great project planning software that offers all the benefits of brand-name items such as Microsoft Project Planner but with a more intuitive interface and a lower price tag.

Check out their website at to learn more about the features available and to download your free trial!

Another web-based project management application for your consideration comes from Project Drive. This source boasts a unique position in their field by offering comprehensive software that is completely customizable to whatever needs you might have. Their program is easily adaptable to accommodate your business regardless of work-team. Such flexibility makes Project Drive an ideal choice for small businesses.

Visit their website to learn about all the available features ready for your customization, excellent information to aid your entrance into project management software, as well as free project management tips. This is a highly personalized platform that allows the unique nature of your enterprise to shine and grow.

Read more about their operation by heading to!

Increased workflow and communication is the name of the game at Same-Page eStudio. They offer an inclusive combination of project, document, calendar and contact management software to provide an efficient system. You can keep your operation together within this one simple platform no matter the size of your business or number of team members.

You will find that eStudio’s extensive offerings will promote increased productivity in all aspects of your enterprise as well as will foster greater communication between workers and clients. You can also be assured that your information is secured and backed up sufficiently, allowing you the freedom to work from anywhere and without the worry of faulty servers.

Take a look at their numerous 30+ feature offerings by heading now to!

Smooth Project’s solution to web-based project management software is designed to keep you in control of your business! It has been their mission to provide a program that is easy to use in order to garner the most effective results. They also boast a competitive pricing model that features 1 low cost with an unlimited number of users and projects that can be added.

It is their wish to ensure you of superior safety and care – they do as much as they can to see to it that you operate within a reliable, secure network, and that you have the added assurance of customer support whenever you should need it.

Read more on their website at and take advantage of their great packages, offered as low as $39.00/month!

VeoProject asserts the claim that “project plans are meant to be online.” With that in mind, it is clear to see why they have taken a real initiative in creating a simplified web-based platform for effective project management. Additionally, Veo Project takes advantage of the tools you currently have in place to foster easy synchronization.

This is a completely web-based, versatile platform that can adapt to the unique requirements of your business as well as unite clients and team members from wherever they might be located. You will be on your way to a better-functioning operation in no time!

Logon to for a more detailed description of the offerings they have available!

If you consider Oracle, you will have use of Primavera Software Inc., an excellent project portfolio management solution for project-intensive businesses. Their services help your company optimize resources in order to increase productivity and revenue.

Oracle represents over 370,000 customers in over 145 countries, with 100 of the Fortune 100. Each customer receives a flexible system that can be tailored according to infrastructural needs. This is a high-functioning operation designed for optimum performance.

Here you will find a version of Oracle that fits technical system you already have in place, with expert staff that will get it installed and running in no time. Visit their website at to see the services and plans that are offered!

With Celoxis you will find an easy-to-use system replete with all the essential features you need to get your job done effectively. This is a great way to clean up your operation and manage your resources. Celoxis has been the preferred project management source for many industries and has been used in the planning of Hollywood movies, the manufacturing of rocker engines, setting up mining sites and more. Their services have proved themselves an essential asset to business of all sizes and functions.

If you choose to take your business to Celoxis, you will be investing in a company that stands by their ability to provide superior quality and service. They offer over 200 tools to help you harness the power and skill of your enterprise.

Learn more about the services offered by visiting!

The mission of is to provide a straightforward managing system that is an effective solution and completely free to use. This is a great way to manage projects and endow all members of your team with greater productive output and accountability. The system is based on email notification, ensuring that everyone involved with a project stays completely informed for the duration of the task.

On their website you will find a detailed overview of how their operation functions. iTeamwork has kept their operation simple to ensure that the focus remains on managing projects and getting the job done rather than taking time away to become familiarized with an entirely new system. maintains that if you become a member you can use their services for free! Otherwise check their website for a comprehensive overview of their product as well as their pricing policy!

At Project Desk you will have access to a virtual workspace that can help you to manage tasks and projects as well as encourage effective communication between members of your team. This system makes assigning tasks easy by automatically notifying team members of new tasks, informing you when a task has been completed and sending out reminders of tasks are past due. By facilitating collaboration you can streamline the work of any number of employees no matter where they may be located.

Project Desk offers all the essential features you need to efficiently manage your business with heightened productivity and revenue. When purchasing this product, you can be assured of no additional setup, administration or maintenance costs. This is a quality investment at a great value.

Hear to to learn more about all that they offer!

If you are looking for a web-based project management program with only those features necessary to help you get the job done, Project360 offers a simplified solution to user-friendly service. Here you will have access to simply the essentials. There is no need to tackle an overly complex network of features to help you manage your operation more productively.

This is an ideal service for smaller businesses and professionals, offering effective tools for increased communication between team members, task management and sharing, and a selection of additional highly valuable features. Additionally, Project360 offers a competitive pricing policy that can give you the power of greater management capabilities but for much less!

To learn more about what this company can do for you, go online to!

Achievo aims to offer an effective management solution that will integrate seamlessly with the needs of any organization. Their model is one that recognizes the unique nature of each enterprise and thus offers an adaptable service to ensure that you can make the most out of your investment. They offer a web-based system that is easy to incorporate into existing networks.

Visit Achievo’s website to read their comprehensive overview of features to be had. They can aid you with a whole host of management applications from detailed project management to human resource management. Also offered is the ability to improve upon their existing models in order to provide access to the most innovative and essential management features.

Find out more about optimizing your company’s productivity by visiting!

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